Videos Per YouTube Channel And Map Listing

Published on: 11-May 07:02pm

Q: @Alan Smith 

 -> So it's 4 videos per YouTube channel (total of 16 videos if we have 4 channels)? 

 -> "produce a map for EACH of the recorded URLs" - that would be total of 40 maps if we have 4 channels & 10 Youtube urls per channel/site (channel URL, playlist URL, 4 videos URLs, 4 thumbnails URLs)?

 -> "Embed all the videos into each google site" - only embed 4 videos per google site (from the channel that has the same name as that google site), or embed all 16 videos in all 4 google sites?


I'm only talking about what you posted in "Localised PDFs 4. Videos" & making sure I got exactly what you're teaching :)

* So if it's 1 video per channel, there will be only ONE playlist created on ONE of those channels (containing 1 video from each channel)?

* If this applies, the list of recorded URLs for the mapping software would consist of:


- 1 channel URL (only the channel where that one playlist was created, the 3 other YT channel urls are omitted)

- 1 playlist URL (created on that same channel)

- 4 videos URLs

- 4 videos selected thumbnails URLs

   = total of 10 URLs

* "Embed all the videos into each google site" - embed all 4 videos in every google site?




A: I’m only using 4 videos and 4 google sites. I’ve not yet talked about the PDFs. Let’s not confuse things. 

 Baby steps. Get this right and you will win.

 And, it’s 4 videos and only 1 channel. The playlist is composed of 4 videos within that channel. 

 Correct embed all 4 videos in every google site. They are all on the same channel which is under the same Gmail account.




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