Tips From Rudolfo - HTML Stacks Missing

Published on: 12-May 05:58am

All my Html stacks are coming out blank. I am watching all the training videos but the interface is different. I have no idea what I am doing wrong.


Is the Html editor just so you build the page how you like it and then copy the code and place it into the content section on the titles and content tab?


I've added super simple Html content into the content section, like h tags and page breaks <br> is all.


There is a glitch I think or I'm missing a step. If I do a test run and then go back and make adjustments, change the Webpage title, and re-generate anchor texts it will still produce the last run's material.


Same title as before and no changes in the code.

I'm sure others know this but if anyone else has this problem the solution is that you have to press the "Get Buckets" button or it will not make all the changes to the exported Html file.


That seems to be the cue for it to go back and look for all changes made.


Sometimes the difference is almost noticeable.


Like your old title being in the Html code <title> even though it looks like the new title on the content editor.

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