Tips From Jim Utzinger - Account Drift Experience

Published on: 10-May 02:15pm

BLF Tip - I noticed in a couple of recent sheets runs that I was experiencing "account drift" because the sheets were not being uploaded to a specified Gmail account.

Rather they were being posted to the first account in my XML data file and it took some investigating to see what exact account the sheets were being uploaded into.

So, check your published links for location and if you have any issues simple go to the Accounts section in BLF and re-authorized your accounts. This fixed my problem. Just a little "on hands" feedback. Enjoy the day. Cheers.Also, has anyone experienced that if creating child folders when checking the Custom Keywords Stack or the Primary Keyword Stack that the Sheets File Name title is being overwritten with the folder name of the Custom Keywords of the Primary Keywords? Odd indeed.



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