This is how I'm reading it. Guess we'll see if it's right. -by Daniel Cook

Published on: 20-Oct 06:04am

"Starting from the top level, link every secondary site below it in that silo structure to each other, remember. Keep them perfectly aligned. When those five levels are linked to each other, on each secondary site at the bottom level, link that site to the matching site on the top level. Again creating a non linear linking structure.

Do the same for the primary sites."

↑↑ This is referring to linking the sites together prior to any content as the buildout is done without content at first.

"We end up with the same article appearing on 25 sites, every site linked to each other on that level within every article. Remember we DO NOT link between levels."

↑↑ This is referring to links in the content.

Then there will be other forms of linking by means of maps.

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