Software Update Issues

Published on: 05-May 08:57am

Q: Just updated BF to v1.0.2.4. When attempting to launch the program, it immediately has my default browser open up - and appears to want me to log in to a Google account.

Is this supposed to happen? The BF training doc seems outdated (having previous generation updater file & full install files v1.0.2.0).



A: It seems that Google wants you to re-verify your access to your google accounts.

It actually opened the private browser and went one by one, (each time a full verifying process to each account in its turn) and used the credentials that RFR/BLF had stored to log in, then it asked me to receive a verification code by SMS and I needed to put it and approve.

It took some time but then when it was finished all the accounts were good to go.



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