Ranking Page Using Hidden Images With Ranking Articles

Published on: 05-May 08:54am

Q: Just trawling through old posts. I hope you don't mind the question - using Alan's technique did you ever have success ranking a page on Amazon using hidden images that had ranking articles.

Mine is a couple of weeks old but not in the top 100 - I have 70 plus articles hidden. Anybody else have success or not?



A: Sorry you have not managed to get your Authority Site ranking using the top-ranking articles already present on the web.

This use of articles is used in at least one mass page builder I know. I also know of many instances where the copy and not the original article has outranked the original. 

All I’m doing is hiding the article in an image, away from prying eyes. 

I use a certain number of articles because my tests have shown there is a tipping point where google looks at my PDF as an authority site. 

I still use this for every new area I go into as it’s the easiest way for me to convince google of authority status when using YouTube videos. 

It’s actually hugely powerful. 

Now the question obviously is, what niche are you going after?

I’ve said many times I would not go after a competitive niche but rather an exact product, or company or person. 

Even then I would not go after the Likes of coke, Mr. Trump, etc.

Yes, it is time-consuming but I prepare all this information when I’m doing my initial research, makes me more knowledgeable and gives me more information to work with when I produce my own unique articles/scripts for my site/videos, etc.