Pastebin Pro Issue

Published on: 10-May 01:23pm

Q: I got a Pastebin pro account but for the life of me I can't embed a paste that has a clickable link. If anyone could show me a paste with a link in it that would be golden!

This is one I copied from their faqs but it just displays what I pasted when I iframe it  :( am I missing something?



A: Here it is Pastebin let you make a paste which could be pure text i.e. or you can use a shorthand <> which becomes clickable. You can then grab all those links you paste as an embed code and embed that elsewhere you then get the benefit of the high DA of Pastebin.


You can, however, make something like [![Roofing TX](](


Which have an image in the paste and paste embed. Depending on the embed size the image will cover or take up the space of the embed and hide all the links you have in the embed


(You seems to be missing the Type -> Markdown

In Settings you can set it as default)


For markdown, this is a good URL cheat sheet for people that are not familiar with markdown

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