My S3 Sites Are Flooded With Spammed Sites

Published on: 14-May 11:27pm

Q: Hi all, I never saw this.


A client of mine is spammed every week with most porn sites. We created an automatic system that filters the new spam posts and disavows them. But now we get Amazon S3 links. I never saw that.


But I think this is also an opportunity to find out who is behind it I guess.  Here is one of the links: 


It would be nice if you guys can give me some advice.







A: Have you done a trace and redirected to the website in question?


If the trace is definitely going to the site you can add in HTACCESS :

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer ""bad_referer

Order Allow,Deny

Allow From All

Deny from env=bad_referer

That should throw a 403



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