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Published on: 11-May 07:00pm

Q: a point of clarification on the above if you get the chance please @Alan Smith... 

At the end of this part of the process, do you have 4 maps with 50 points each, or ONE map with 200 points?  

You talk about LAYERS, so I'm assuming it's the latter, but then you say, "*Now take those 4 map URLs and embed them individually into each of the google sites.*", so that part makes me think that maybe it's 4 unique URLs.  

A separate point I discovered that I'd like to share with anyone else trying this... Once you're done with your map, use the 'edit' link that is sent to you to go change this setting so that your map doesn't get automatically deleted after 3 months - 



A: It’s 4 maps of 50 pins each. I’ll be going over this mapping software in more detail in the video section. You will be amazed at its versatility. 

If I remember correctly with this product when you are on the free version if there is no activity for a few months the map gets deleted. 

When we have finished you will see there will be a lot of activity throughout the maps. 

Anyway, it’s 2:31 am here and I’ve got hours of work still to do. No rest for the wicked. 




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