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Published on: 27-Sep 09:02am

Q: It looked like brian just built links to stacked folders in Google Drive and didn't add anything to or build out G-sites. Basically only ran BLF --> Gdrive... Is that the case? and if so... and he ended up building too many links and crashing his rankings a little... how is it more helpful to put those embeds into G-sites? I know you've tested this all out, I'm trying to figure out if simply having the links is enough or we need to point them at a website? do we get more out of them when we point them at a website via buffer doc? also... I had the same question as @matt before... here's a couple of shots from another webinar for cloud factory... or ranking factory...



A: I stacked the folders and sheets. My case study was specifically for BLF and was about pushing power using sheets.

Regarding the crash, this is common when building links... it's just a Google dance. Let it sit for ~3 weeks and DON'T DO ANYTHING! Often rankings will come back. If not, you need to adjust accordingly by making the folder non-public or simply deleting it.

G-sites are great buffers, which is why we use them (like)


To answer your question: "I'm trying to figure out if simply having the links is enough or we need to point them at a website?"

This is a really common question. Unless you really know what you're doing, it's not a good idea to point a large number of link at your website. Go through a buffer and save yourself a ton of frustration.

I'd add, links alone are not enough to keep rankings up in competitive niches.





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