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Published on: 10-May 01:14pm

Q: @Alan Smith you mentioned 6 Google Calendars on 52 Pastebin to start up your indexing, would you please expand on what is in these pastes, do they reference other pastes and are they just for this one whole project?

Thanks again



A: @laila Those 6 Calendars would be from 6 of the 1080 Google Drives I have positioned globally. I try and get them spaced as equidistant as I’m able. Unfortunately, it all depends on where my VPN network allows me to build a drive.


The pastes are made up solely of links. Some to the drives within my network, some to other Pastebin pro accounts ( I use 18 of them ), the vast majority via my Capsulink accounts, then onto other assets.


This is for indexing and ranking purposes. 

Normally when I add a link, it will normally appear on thousands of other assets. 

I hope this helps…


My network google drives were built a few years ago. All 1080 of them. 

In my initial design, I simply used a geodesic polyhedron design based on 1080 connection points. Each drive resides at one of those connection points.


They are all connected together as per a standard geodesic polyhedron design. 

I divided the earth into 20-degree segments, at each of those segments I tried my best to find a different VPN service that offered an IP in one of those segments.


Normally alternating between Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Unfortunately not always possible due to the Pacific Ocean.


Those 20-degree segments are each run by a dedicated laptop. 18 laptops in all. ( all purchased secondhand ).


So for each laptop, there are 60 dedicated google drives, a dedicated Pastebin pro account, and a dedicated Capsulink account.


This follows my initial design. One simple design, duplicated 18 times. 

Each laptop has been doctored like a standard hackers laptop. Ie, no wifi card, no camera, no mic, etc...


Each laptop is off until needed for work in that particular area. 


Each laptop has a dedicated VPN network for that area and a dedicated proxy. The software I use for this and the operation of the laptop is on a thumb drive which is only attached to that laptop when I require it. 


There are no shared components or programs between these laptops and they are NEVER swapped between areas. 


This network is only for indexing, because of its size when I do connect one of the nodes to the area I’m working in, there obviously is some juice flowing, but that’s not it’s primary design. 


Using this I do not have any issues getting my URLs indexed. 

As of April I’ll start to add 30 Cloudflare Workers Sites to every segment.

I should complete all segments by this time next year.


I’m in no rush. 

This will take everything to an entirely new level as I will then have 540 workers sites, each with 194 global data nodes, switched instantly when I add any URLs. 


Might even give Bulkaddurl a run for their money.