Google 3 Pack Keyword Variation

Published on: 05-May 08:42am


Q: I have a potential high-end client.  I wanted to rank them to google 3 packs for a select keyword or a variation. 

I used Mega Cloud Stacker and then Backlink Factory.

I finally got them to rank for a variation of the keyword but now I have several keywords where my Google Doc is ranking number one.

I have not seen this happen. Is this common? Did I do something wrong on my end? Should I delete the Google Docs will they fall off page 1?


A: Just a few thoughts--

I'm guessing you've used a buffer doc and funneled all of your link authority to the buffer. If you haven't already done so, this Doc should be a part of an entire Gsite/Stack.

Did you hit multiple tiers under your doc?

Or just a single tier with BLF and Mega? -- this could have an effect depending on how you"ve flowed the link authority.

Depending on how hard you've hit this with links, it could be a part of the Google Dance (typically normalizes in 3 weeks).

Rather than deleting the doc, why not make it a marketing asset you own? Use this to your advantage, FTW.