Content Images To PDF

Published on: 11-May 06:29pm

Q: @Alan - In YOUR estimation, is your scraped-content-in-images strategy too much incoming power for an average, everyday website page - like a client site or a lead-gen page? 

Should this only be used on higher authority sites that are more capable of receiving power without adverse effects - such as Sites.Google, S3 pages, etc.? 

I've got the three PDFs ready-to-roll and am looking at embedding them in the former.

Your thoughts please...



A: @Don when you add the highest ranking content to images then place them in PDFs. What you are doing is proving to google that your site ( whatever it may be ), is an authority site, that’s accomplished by those high ranking content. Remember that’s already been ranked by the algorithms, with this method you need a minimum number to “ fool “ google. There are no incoming links in this method and to be honest I’ve only used it on google sites, article farms hosted on cloud services where I’ve linked to and a few Wordpress sites. 


I’ve no idea how google will react to that abomination called GMBs. 


Now the 3 PDFs that I use on my google sites contained keywords, latitude and longitude and content. Again no links were inbound, so again I see no issues with the use of these. Since I don’t touch GMBs I have no knowledge of what would occur. 

I hope I’ve answered your question. Cheers