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Published on: 11-May 04:54am

Q: @Manny @Alan Smith it doesn’t have to be yours, but so we’re not bull shitting each other here, can ANYONE please provide an example where a PDF is ranking #1, 2 or 3 for a COMPETITIVE keyword.

Doesn’t have to be yours, feel free to post someone else’s. 

Not to be disrespectful, but I’d like to bury the topic of the efficacy of PDFs with evidence - so that as a group, we can move forward.

Heck, I use G sites as tier 1 properties (and it works incredibly well) but it’s never my money site for a competitive keyword. Can anyone provide an example of a Google site that’s ranking 1-3 for a competitive keyword?



A: @Bruno my google sites are for local only, as for a competitive niche, I’ve said many many times why would I bother with them. I make money with local, I like it simple, I make a point of not even touching the likes of plumbers, electricians, locksmith, etc.

I let others who want to give themselves a hard time do that work. ( I mean no offense with that remark, so please don’t take any ). 

Easy low hanging fruit that exists in abundance. No stress. No worries. Since I also don’t do lead gen where I have to survive on selling a high-value lead I can scale effectively.

So I can’t help you with high competition niches. Sorry. 

Total truth man. Not trying to bullshit you I’m a super SEO guy who can rank anything and everything




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