AWS Error Script

Published on: 14-May 11:49pm

Q: Did the update and still not uploading to AWS/GGcloud... ran CCleaner, deactivate/reactivate no go. Any suggestions?

A: OK guys I think I nailed the problem. 


If you load the buckets by hitting the load a previously designed stack then it won't run as it is checking if the is something in the bucket drop-down, if not it will ignore it.


So if you hit the get bucket for example for the first in the stack it will run that but not the remaining.


So, if you have been building your stack in a  simple matter i.e. hit the Get Buckets and then added folders as you pleased then your stack will run. 


If you have to build a stack involving several AWS accounts or several of the other cloud accounts it will only take the last and fail on the first chosen bucket because it is not in the bucket drop-down list anymore.


I have reported it to @Chris Dolan