Authority Content Scraping

Published on: 11-May 05:05am

Q: @Alan - I also want to thank you for the abundance of 'food for thought' that you provide.  

 One question about when you're scraping for this authority content; what do you do to avoid getting local results that are probably only 'authoritative' in the local area?  

 For example, if I was searching for content around "solar panel installation", I get a lot of local (to my area) sites.  I'm sure you would get very different ones.  

 I tried variations like "what is solar panel installation" (or "what is a roofer", etc), which does diminish the local results, but I'm not sure changing the search phrase/search 'intent' like that brings back the kind of results you want...???

 If you don't mind sharing a bit more, I've been curious about how you approach this issue.  Thanks!








A: Remember it’s the article or content that is highly ranked. This is what creates an authority site. Google looks at your site and says wow, this site has everything, everything. 

 So as long as it does not have the NAP of any business or if it had, you have removed said business information, then it’s perfect for the job at hand. 

 The sole purpose here is to use content that has been subject to Google algorithms and has been allocated a position in the SERPs.

 So as per my example, solar panels.

 Now that’s a huge niche so in my research I’ll target the most active keywords. 

 Now I know there are way over 50 really great ones. 

 So I’ll search for starting at the highest-ranking keywords and go through the SERPs.

 Copy and paste, again and again. Keyword after keyword. 

 Hundreds and hundreds of articles and content. 

 Go through each to remove NAP information. 

 This as I said before may take weeks. Who cares. 

Reality check. 


If anyone thinks this is a waste of time, when you have a hundred locations each rented out for say $1500US per month ( it’s a nice high-value figure because you are renting every ranked keyword in that location, remember pack hunting, google sites and PDFs and images and thumbnails images ), if you think this is too much effort for that type of monthly residual income, then I’ll just give up on making money.

Again I say, this initial information is used on every one of your sites, you do this work once.