AUS Mobile Verification Sim Cards

Published on: 11-May 06:28am

Q: @Alan Smith what sort of sims are you using in Aus for verification?




A: @Brittnay I use the stock standard Telstra, Optus, etc sims available at coles, woollies, etc. These are the ones you have to activate.

They are able to receive SMS notifications without activation.

So here’s what I normally do. This weekend we go to glamping to a cotton tree ( glamorous camping, my favorite), for 2 weeks.

In my spare time between foil boarding, I’ll park outside council libraries. I can normally access the internet. Within my holiday area, there are about 18 libraries.

I have a laptop with nothing, absolutely nothing on except libre office, Filmora 9 and glimpse ( a gimp derivative ), and Vivaldi, a chrome-based browser.


I’ve already organized all my information I need into folders for the Gmail setups and if necessary the YouTube corresponding setups. All YouTube needs verification for custom thumbnails.


Once I have this I add this into folders placed on a thumb drive. Nothing on the laptop.

On another thumb drive, I’ve got my browser I use to log in.


So at each library, I’ll normally set up 5 to 10 new accounts for Gmail and YouTube. Multiply that by the number of libraries and the fact I have this down to an art form whilst we enjoy a drive between small towns in the hinterlands, I normally, without wasting time, come home with a few hundred new verified accounts.



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