Alibaba Account Buckets

Published on: 15-May 12:00am

Q: Hey, anybody else having problems with getting Alibaba to work?


I add the Alibaba account, but it won't fetch the buckets


I just paste the access key id, and the access key secret, and write in an arbitrary profile name, and I should be good to go right?


I may have made a mistake because I can not upload an Html file to the bucket from the backend... Or I can, but when I paste the URL into the browser, I just download the file.


I don't see how it can do any good if it just downloads an Html file and puts it on your hard drive. But perhaps I'm not understanding important details…

A: I just ran 4 stacks with it and had no problem.


I haven't set up my Alibaba acct in so long I would have to review the process. I've just been using it at the end of my stacks.


I'm not an expert on that part, so I believe as long as it's linking up to the next cloud, I get some juice. 


The pdf Alibaba does not dL, only the Html.



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