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Q: @Alan Smith Hi - your local rankings - are they just for the keyword alone in the location or do they need the city modifier as part of the search query?











A: I’ve designed them for both. If someone searches for my niche and adds an area modifier, my sites show up, BUT, I’ve managed to get my localised sites showing up if the searcher just searches for the niche only, I’ve tried to model it on GMBs. 


I do this by doing the following ( I’ve explained a lot of this in my google sites write up).  

I name all the google sites the most searched keywords with the city/towns names. 


In one of my PDFs I’ve added the keywords with the city/towns appended.


In another PDF I’ve added 200 latitude and longitude coordinates that I’ve randomly positioned within the radius I’ve selected around the city/towns. 


I’ve also added ALL the zip codes that the areas concerned cover into a PDF. 


To add to all the above I also use my third party mapping software. These maps reference all those latitude and longitude coordinates, 200 of them. 


Each of these coordinates refers to a pin. In each pin I’ve placed a description and a URL. 


The URLs can be images, YouTube channel URLs. YouTube playlists URLs and YouTube video URLs. 


I also place websites URLs and landing pages URLs. 


I’m now normally layering at least 10 layers within each pin coordinate. 


These maps URLs are all added to each google site that is pertaining to that area of operations. 


To my mind I’m the only person who goes to this depth. The end result is that google has more than enough information to place my google sites in the location I determine. 

There is nothing left to chance in this method. 


I hope that answers your question. 

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