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Good evening everyone. 


I hope your day has been as productive as mine. 


My friend Jack is giving away a very useful piece of software. 




From Jack....


The 80/20 of SEO comes down to two things:


Words & Links


And if you get the words right, you don"t need nearly as many links, because you improve your relevance.


Content Analyzer Pro gets you more traffic from every piece of content by boosting your relevance score...


(In fact, you can use it to reverse engineer your Top 10 competitors and find their best LSI terms to rank faster...)

It"s extremely easy to use. (PC or Mac)


And I"d like to give you a copy...completely free:


No strings attached.

No shenanigans. :)


I"ll even show you how to use the software to reverse engineer a #1 ranked page and find the best formula for you to rank higher...


Just pick a username and password to login...

Click here to start: 


All the best,

Jack Duncan


P.S. The videos showing everything are in the upper right corner...


A saying I live by:


If You Do What Is Hard...... Your Life Will Be Easy 


BUT, if like most people,


You Do What Is Easy...... Your Life Will Be Hard.  


No truer words have ever been said of the modern easy button culture. 


Have a great evening. Cheers. 

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