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Before we start on the next post I want to say something from my heart. 


So please don’t shout me down because I believe this is probably what everyone searches for to become fulfilled in life. Not happy, but fulfilled. Two completely different outcomes. 


I’ve refined my rank and rent business to such a degree I can now dominate a location for hundreds of keywords using google sites, PDFs and videos. 


The going price is $1500 per location per month. I’ve told you how I get my clients ( hint hint, by using videos, by some weird coincidence, by using a why and then a thought reversal video ), so let’s just say I’m not short of a penny or two. 


BUT and it’s an immense BUT, I’ve absolutely NO, NADA, ZERO, personal satisfaction or fulfilment in making and renting those sites. I don’t want to be known as the guy who has a thousand locations rented and is bringing in a reasonable amount of money every month. 


I want more satisfaction and fulfilment. It took an accident at the beginning of this year to clarify my future life’s work. I mean that seriously. 


Since I’ve been doing research for many months I’ve found archaic medical practices and beliefs that are causing untold harm and suffering. There is a better way, and my research into my condition enabled me to find it. 


This is now my life’s purpose. To bring the truth of the new advances, medical and lifestyle, to help alleviate and in a lot of cases, save people’s suffering. 


I encourage you all to find yours, then use your vast talents that you guys have to seek the same fulfilment and satisfaction that I’m going after. 


I’ve just started my journey and I cannot tell you all the clarity of purpose and sense of calmness I’ve achieved just by starting out on my journey. 


We all chase money, obviously, as we all need it, and with money you can effect change, but I urge you all to look inward when you next decide to choose a niche to go after. 


Go after your own personal satisfaction and fulfilment niche. It will take the same effort, probably take a hit more thought in how to monetise it, though mine did not, but you will be so much better for it. 


I’ve added a video below from a guy I follow to maybe help in clarifying your thoughts. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your future is important to me. 



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