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Modified on Wed , 19 Aug at 2 PM

I did something radical today. I’ve a lifestyle course coming out early next year.


I’m still setting it up and it’s got a looong way to go.


My idea was to wait until I’d reshaped my body before doing a blitz of the keywords that are searched on YouTube, and before getting behind a camera.


I don’t follow anyone. So I thought to hell with it. Let me do something different. 


I had already set up a channel last week on YouTube to let it mature. 


I recorded a video on my iPhone with no professional lighting, no wireless rode mics, no fancy Nikon cinematic dslr. 


Just a simple iPhone with me sitting at a table, offering nothing but a chance, a promise of change to people who wanted to change. 


I’ll be sending them a video every week of my progress. That’s all I’m offering until my course. 


All they have to do is optin to my email list. 


It went live at midday. After 5 hours I’d had 192 views and 17 optins.


This is nothing more than a promise, a chance. 


This bodes well for my course. YouTube is amazing. 


I’ve quickly had to redo my lead capture page as it was so awful. It will be back online tomorrow. 

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