Info From Alan Smith - The Arrogance Of Large National Companies.

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I posted a while ago about a leading national company that was very interested in securing a whole range of locations that they operate in, but renting my google sites, which were outranking their own sites, on a town/city basis. 


Negotiations we’re going very well, I had no complaints, however they also gave me a few extra keywords that they wanted to rank for. 


This was totally out of the blue, but because these keywords were so fringe and the procedures that went with them, I ranked specific sites for them even easier. There actually was very little competition. 


Here is where it all went to wrong. The person in charge of the division that used these fringe keywords entered the negotiations. 


What an idiot. I was immediately bombarded with demands of exclusivity, they wanted me to refrain from entering other areas, etc, etc. 


This moron took over all negotiations, and I got really, really pissed off, please excuse the French. 


I then had what I can only call a premonition. 


I’d survived my ordeal earlier this year for a purpose, and that purpose was not to build a certain amount of google sites to rent out. 


I’ve no personal satisfaction in this type of business anymore. I want to do something else. 


Everything became very clear. Crystal clear in fact. 


So to cut a long story short, I told that national client to stick their business where the sun never shines and I removed ALL my google sites from my new linkwheels. 


Just in case these guys get nasty. I’ve proceeded to rent the existing sites I had ranked already to other clients. 


Now because of the above I’ve had to redesign the use of google sites with PDFs and videos to obtain page one rankings. 


That diagram I’ll share with you all when I’ve finished it. 


When you see it you will understand it’s power.


I’m out of the rank and rent game now, I’m still using the same methods you will see in the diagram, but it will be for my new path in helping people. 


I’m producing two courses in the niches I’ve chosen. 


To start the ball rolling I’ll be launching my new motivational channel in January. Just waiting to rebuild this body of mine completely. 


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