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I just like to say a few words about my participation in these groups, since I was told I was full of crap and am leading others to disappointment. 


I’m related to these groups I’m good at 3 things. Those being:


1. YouTube and video in general.

2. Image production and optimization.

3. Google sites.


I have often said most of you know far more about SEO than I will ever attempt to learn. 


Do you see me offering advice on how to rank a WordPress site? NO, or a GMB, NO, or any other type of website, again NO.


I am painfully aware of my limitations in this regard,  and more importantly, don’t need that knowledge as I specialize in those top 3 subjects. Period.


I only EVER refer to using google sites in LOCAL rankings, as I only deal in local businesses. That’s my forte and I’ve NO desire to change it. ( the one exception is my work with resorts ).


I’ve offered guidance on using different products, like MugJam when it was released as a way to make money because I thought it could be of help. But ONLY AFTER I’ve already used the product myself to PROVE to myself that it’s possible. As you know I’ve reported in these groups my findings and successes.


I’ve also tried to offer information or links on different pieces of software to aid in our collective endeavors. Most importantly I’ve tried to show how some of this software can be used to help.


I have 2 types of global drive networks, I’ve explained both, my old google drive network and my new Cloudflare workers sites network. I’ve even explained how these are set up.


Both these pass what I call the common sense test. 


My designs are unique because they are mine, I don’t take others' designs. They follow nature, how electromagnetic energy works, and how I think google operates its bots paying particular attention to the number of jumps or links and crawl budget.


My authority method using many pieces of content is used by other mass page builders, so it’s tried and tested, and most importantly proven to work. 


I link my assets in a standard way that is used by many, I’ve subtly changed some of them to suit my designs. 


When I started here I talked about images and optimization. Now we have software that does exactly what I was saying. Proven beyond a doubt.


I talked about hidden information in PDFs. Now we have software that amazingly does what I was talking about. Again proven. 


In no way have I coerced anyone to use my methods, I don’t offer courses either so I’m not trying to drum up some form of pre-sales pitch.


I've also been told I did not explain things properly. Just read how I would do my Mauritius rank and rent or my latest stealthy Google Sites and see the depth I’ve gone into. 


My methodology requires work and some who have followed and have put in the work have reaped the rewards and will be set for life. 


So without boring you anymore, you are all free to think of my ramblings as you see fit. 


I await the opening of my islands. Then I can indulge in my favorite pastimes, videography, swimming, and kite surfing.


Cheers and thank you for your support. 






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