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I don’t normally advertise my major wins but damn I’m going too with this one,  just to show you all that’s possible and because this has validated my design, my entire build, my methodology, and my business plan.


Earlier today I received an email with an attachment. 


It was from what appears to be the major player in the States in the evergreen vertical I have chosen. 


They found my information off one of my awful looking sites that are just sitting waiting for the redirect software to be released. 


From the C.O.O. Of this organization.


They have requested I present them with a detailed proposal concerning a monthly contract ( initially for 5 years ), for my company to build and rank sites solely for their use in the towns/cities they currently operate in.


Believe me, that’s a lot of sites.


Added to that they have indicated opening more outlets. 


They also want me to build and rank extra sites for 2 different keywords and derivatives.


These being for procedures so radical I really did not think people undertook them. Apparently the costs per procedure are substantial.


He was kind enough to supply a reasonable breakdown of their current advertising budget allocations.


Going to lengths to inform me that they don’t want that exceeded, but excluding the 2 new builds from that budget, which we can negotiate an acceptable monthly fee. 


I’ve 2 weeks to formulate a comprehensive response.


They have asked very nicely for me to suspend all current builds until we have reached an agreement. 


Man, I’m super stoked. I’m also going out to dinner and damn the consequences.


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