Updates From Richard Roy - First PDF Submission

Modified on Thu , 14 May at 10 PM

I just got results back from my first PDF submission gig on Fiverr and I'm more than disappointed. I did a gig for 20 sites and what I got back were only 6 links that I would describe as crawlable.


The other  14 links were sites that were not crawlable, links expired or set to expire, and / or had soft porn ads on them.


As we develop our list we want quality over quantity. Sites that won't expire, delete, or recycle accounts. We should also differentiate between having submissions made and having posting accounts created with logins.


I've attached a screenshot of my results with my first PDF Fiverr gig.


Would like to hear what experience others might be having with PDF submissions.


A high quality offering from Pat and his VA might be the best route / option.




Threads: http://prntscr.com/sbxpp8, http://prntscr.com/sbxq0k,

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