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In my previous post I mentioned a language block. This is situated directly below the text bloc that links directly through to the language blocks that are used on that particular site. In this case there are 4 of them. 


They are all exactly the same, except in different languages. English is always first, followed by the next most popular language, etc.


This language block is responsible for the keywords that these sites rank for. It’s pretty important in the entire system. 


All language blocks are the same. They are as follows, from the top down.


A section/recommendation block that links directly to that particular article within the language block. 


Then the different short articles, follow a template and are based on both information and questions. I use a Marketbold product for this that is based on Google old wonder wheel.


All sites have the same articles listed in succession. Within these short articles are links that go directly to the OTHER google sites. 


So as an example. 

If the site is about offshore big game fishing, the first article in the language block but under the section/recommendation block will be about types of resorts available, these will be listed as eco, budget, and luxury.


Now within each of those short but very interesting articles on these resorts will be direct links to those particular sites that are promoting those resorts. 


Next in line will be the vehicle rentals, which follow exactly the same principle, that being linking to the site that is promoting that vehicle rental. 


And so it goes, in this case, 52 short articles, these refer to the sites that I’m able to rent.

Then there are still the information sites that are not rented but support and act as funnels to the other rented sites, exactly as I’ve explained above. 


Under these short articles comes the first of the YouTube videos that are produced in that particular language. This video is followed by a comprehensive article on the video. Then comes the next YouTube video, followed by another different comprehensive article on that video. 

It is these two articles, filled with keywords and questions that help rank this particular site. 

Remember when google sees these articles and all the related exact match domains, images, keywords, etc... as well as all the information stored on the drive associated with this particular site, Google is able to understand exactly what this site represents.

These two articles that follow the two YouTube videos are very comprehensive. 


It is important that you understand what is happening here. The numbers of connections just with these 52 sites which I’ve interconnected together as I’ve listed above are absolutely huge. Every single short article has at least 4 links very carefully added that link to the site that the article is about.


Now with these connections as the site connections, added to the reference/authority sites which have thousands of clients websites connecting to, which in turn then links back to every site in the network, ADDED to the single directory site that all the YouTube channels connect to, which in turn links back to all the sites within that area, then the two reference videos that reside on each channel, containing ALL the URLs of ALL the sites within that area, which are embedded all over the internet......... ok I’ll stop there. There are many many more links, I’m sure you get the picture. 


The point is, the system is huge, it grows all the time and as I add worker sites to the system to its design completion, it gets exponentially bigger all the time. 


There is no point in this system that would trigger a penalty from google. The entire network behaves like the internet. 


So my friends, when I talk about producing an authority site using hidden information in hidden images, and I get that site to rank, BUT some members do the same and get nowhere, now you know the kind of authority that drives that authority site. 


And as you can see, having a niche relevant project is totally meaningless, totally. Everything is connected to everything. The true essence of non-linear rankings.


I hope you have enjoyed these posts. You now have more useful information than is available anywhere else.


How you use this information is totally up to you. But please, it’s only for the members of these Skype groups.



Good luck. Cheers.

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