Strategy From Alan Smith - Directory Site And It’s Part In Interlinking And Creating Non Linear Rankings.

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I have now just under 2000 unique YouTube accounts/channels that power this and approximately 61000 videos. Yes, sixty-one thousand.


Remember a YouTube video channel is a different entity to the videos it carries as are the thumbnails different entities. 


So those nearly 2000 channels point to a single google site, a single directory/authority site. 


On this site are simply the URLs of every google site I’m either using to rent or provide information off.  Thousands of them. 


Essentially I’m creating a loop, a non-linear pathway. Ok simple enough. That’s a huge amount of authority directed at a single site, but the devil is in the details.


Each of those channels contains videos. Most being feeder videos but there are thousands upon thousands that are also informative videos.


Those videos are embedded on the google sites they refer to. They also link within their own description to that very same google site. 


There are also two reference videos in every one of those channels relating to these sites. 


These reference videos are placed on a huge variety of assets. They are the ones used in the likes of the mass page and PDF builders. Every reference video contains within its description the combined URLs of ALL the assets related to that area.


Each video is placed within 200 map pins that I’ve randomly positioned within a certain circular area surrounding the niche site  I’m working one. 


That’s the same video with its information contained in each pin. 


Now I’m using 10 different videos per niche site then I’ll simply layer those pins in 10 different layers. 


So in this project's case there are 52 rented sites.


That’s 200 pins times 10 videos each, times 52, that’s 104,000 different pins within that area, all displaying geographic coordinates.


That’s just for the rented sites. 


That pin information is also added to a huge number of external assets. 


Now I’m not going to go on, but I hope you can get an understanding of the interlinking that is going on by using this directory/authority site. 


I also hope you are beginning to understand the power of non-linear rankings.


Next the reference sites.

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