Traffic Factory Vs. Mega Cloud Stacker

Modified on Fri , 28 Feb at 12 PM

Q: So I understand structurally what is different about Traffic Factory vs Mega Cloud Stacker(TF- builds S3 sites kinda like RFR cloud stacks on steroids, while MCS is more like the RFR Doc Stacker on steroids.) 

If you were looking to invest in your next tool, why would you choose one over the other? For example, if I'm looking to rank some videos, obviously TF is the tool. But if I'm just looking to rank a website, which is the more powerful tool?


A: TF is a mass page builder that you can upload to AWS or Azure or your own web server.  Mega is a tool that builds stacks either pdf or Html to point power to anything to rank it.  They are very different. 

You can embed YouTube videos in the Traffic Factory that will be part of your mass page build. If you want to send power to a video mega would be better.  So the mega is RFR cloud stacks on steroids; TF is a mass page website builder that allows you to make the mass page sites on the cloud if you want it’s not anything like the doc stacker in RFR.

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