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Having just listened to nearly 2 hours of ra-ra

snake oil salesmen on digital real estate, I need

an enema.


So, tomorrow I’ll give you my first post ( out of 4 )

about why my rank and rent model works and how

it works. For free, no $997 required. 


Since Gary seems like he’s on the mend, obviously

coffee is involved, I’m more focused to do these as

I promised. 


Part 1. The overview and why it works. 

Part 2. The pre-build client expression of interest.

Part 3. The google site layout.

Part 4. The interconnected assets to these google sites.


Until tomorrow. Cheers.Part 1 - Overview

This information I’m giving you is real life. This is exactly

how I would be doing these new 52 sites for Mauritius.


I’ve already invested over a month of pre-qualifying these

niches, as well as obtaining expressions of interest.

To those of you who think this is too much work, or for those

marketers who think this is not a viable business. 

I suggest you think again. 


The simple reality is that each of these 52 sites is worth

$499US each per month, that’s passive residual income,

with virtually no maintenance. 


There is one exception, I offer them a talking-head video

( their head ) for an extra $100US each per month. I"ve got

an 87 percent uptake on that. They love it.


So this model is true rank and rent. I do not do lead

generation and most certainly do not touch GMB"s.


The languages this project was aimed at were English,

French, German and Afrikaans ( South African ).


To my knowledge, I’m the only person in the world who

uses this technique with simple google sites, and it works.


So let’s assume you are interested in visiting Mauritius,

your partner wants to visit the famous topless beaches

and you want to do some diving. 


You"re sitting in France doing research on the internet. 


You start researching dive sites, they all have names,

you click on one, which just happens to be one of mine. 


You arrive on a simple, but to the point site, your information

is shown in video format ( about 3 minutes long ), in audio

format and in article format all in French. 


But wait there’s more. On the same site is a comprehensive

article in French about Mauritius, within that article, are links

to every other site, in a conversational format.


Also on the site are recommendations for those other sites.

I think an example is best here.


After diving sites, well how are you going to get to the dive

site, I offer a dive charter ( sometimes area-specific), that

topless beach your partner wants to visit. There’s a link to

that. What about a place to stay?


Do you want an Eco Resort, a budget resort or a custom

dive resort? Or does your partner want one that’s on the

topless beach (they exist you know)?


How are you going to get around, rental car, damn, there’s

a site linked to that as well. 


What about shopping, there’s a site for specialty shops. 


Maybe a helicopter ride, guess what...

And so it continues.........


Am I making myself clear? Do you see why these

sites are so powerful?


Notice when I have a few rented how enticing it becomes

for other owners of businesses to jump onto the bandwagon.


I’ve listed before some of the 52 niches, each one is capable

of paying my monthly charge with just a percentage of their

customer that they get every single day. 


You will notice that I have two distinct types of google sites. 


The first is informational sites that can never be monetized,

they serve as funnels that lead the prospects, in a perfectly

natural way to the other sites which I’ve got my clients on.


An example here is dive sites, no one could monetize that,

but do it properly and you have a customer who wants more.


The other sites are obviously the sites that are designed

to be monetized.


These are niche generic sites with a strong local focus,

but never mentioning a specific business. 


Only once it’s rented are the business details added. 


All of these sites have exactly named custom domains.


This Mauritius project has the capacity for at least 80

different niches in its first phase. 


If I start adding offshore banking and those associated

niches, well we are way over 100.


I hope you are beginning to understand why this is so



More in Part 2.

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