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I’ll let you into an advanced marketing secret here. You can research it further but it is indeed hugely powerful.


For indexing, it’s nothing short of awesome. I have not even touched the surface yet with using it with Cloudflare Worker Site.


The product below has the ability to edit the destination links at any time. 

This you are able to do beforehand using the time ( to the hour ) and date.

Now through a system of using RSS feeds and calendar events, I then direct them through this product. ( I have a monthly paid account. Not expensive ).


Once I’ve set up everything I’m able to keep my entire network active.

This product has another unusual advantage. 


I’ve been able to rank assets much quicker by using this as a redirect instead of straight linking. 


When I say much quicker, I mean MUCH quicker. 

So with a combination of the power of this product and the time, alternate assets redirect to different targets ( hint: Pastebin, Google Drives, PDFs, etc ) that contain lists of URLs, quite pleasing results are obtained.


Now there are other web assets that you can put these BRANDED links in, that due to some very clever branding, does not attract attention, that give you constant, let’s just call it activity. 


When you research how you can manipulate branding using this, your eyes will open with possibilities. 


I would like to say here that I’m a bit disappointed in the way that everyone ( with the exception of a few ) just follows others. 


What happened to new ideas, experimentation, etc.

It"s precise because everyone follows everyone else that Google has us by the collective balls ( sorry ladies, no offense meant ).


Sorry for my ramblings but I simply cannot believe so few people have different ideas. 

Our community is made stronger by the input of individuals. 

We need more input, and I need to get out of the sun for a while.

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