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Please remember the more I explain the deeper down the rabbit hole you go, into my concepts, concepts that are not usually used. 


I also am hesitant to reveal more information as my livelihood depends on my network and how I manage my enormous number of links. 


But I’ll explain how my links are named ( to a degree ), you can make up your own mind. 


I have 3 types of links because I use my network I don’t just link one asset to another. I create a pathway or sequence of links that serve a specific purpose.


My network was designed for these sequences, not the other way around. 

So the first is what I call a cascading sequence. The links go from one asset to another, always adding to the end result. 


The second is a timed sequence. This is where I employ the use of Capsulink and calendars. I also employ the use of manually switching things like YouTube videos and google properties from private to public. These timed sequences are especially important when launching new sites. 


The last is something that makes my network unlike any PBN or equivalent. It’s called chaos sequencing. This is normally accomplished by pointing links at S3 article farms. ( an article farm has a lot of articles that are keyword rich. I use different ratios of keywords in these articles. The article farms contain keywords based on the following, LSI keywords, long-tail keywords, and TF-IDF keywords. )


Article farms do not link out, there are various reasons for this. First and foremost is that it confuses anyone following my path, it’s just not done in the SEO world. What they don’t know is by doing just that I actually theme the entire node this article farm is connected to.



How I actually link all this together I’m really not prepared to go into. That essentially is the proprietary information that enables me to rank my rank and rent business and videos and other assets. Sorry.

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