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Since I’ve let you into this, I’ll give you my other use. 


My current setup is practice for a system that will go live in about 4 years. 

The niche is bioengineering, gene manipulation, and enhancement.


I’ve been privileged to work for two of these companies. 


I’ve also been given the authority to set up a webinar-based feeder system on a regional basis to essentially put information out there and funnel prospects into a webinar funnel that will eventually lead to specialist consultations.


One of the reasons I’m trying to hone my videography skills, so I appear at least half professional. 


To do this, I"ll need another setup like I’ve got now but more focused. 


The video will play a huge part in ranking things like images and documents.


Luckily I’ll have all of them set up on YouTube beforehand, but set to private. 


Now obviously I’m not revealing anything of importance in what I’ll be doing, but I’ll leave you with this thought. 


One the day that the first of these groundbreaking techniques are publicly announced, I will have an entire global funnel system already set up.


On receiving the go-ahead I’ll be able to make everything public ( probably take a day or so ).


I’ll have the first bite at promoting something so revolutionary, this while the public has just been made aware of these techniques and are grasping for more information. 



There is much more, but I’ve just whet your appetite.

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