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Richard: Trick question for everyone: What is the one thing an image site cannot strip away from your images?

Allan Smith: I’m sure you have some exciting thoughts on this, I’m waiting patiently for them as you know your stuff. 


I’ll add my thoughts. First the image title. Carefully done and set up properly that’s a direct link to other information. 


Then the image itself. Since it is possible to remove and add layers to the visible image, I would also say the transparent layers that have information added, invisible to the naked eye. 


Then to get technical we can add all types of color and numerical coding.

None of this refers to the metadata.


In the visible spectrum, we can add whatever alpha/numeric makeup we want.

Then the watermark can reference a ton of other information that google knows with reference to that watermark. 


There are others, but I prefer to remain silent on that. 



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