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This coming New Year I’m going to be trying some radical Ideas with YouTube. 


I always try and think outside the box. 


One of my most favorite quotes is from that great general, General Patton.



“ If everyone is thinking alike,

then somebody isn’t thinking.”


I"ve got a large poster of him with that quote in my office.


Video metadata is very important.


I’ll give you guys a small hint as to just one of my new methods. 


Stacking blockchain video/media sites with a twist. 


That should get you thinking. 



This is another. Using worker sites once initiated these go live instantaneously to 155 sites throughout the world. 


Complete global saturation, now when you see what’s possible with a worker site, you just might get some ideas of what I’ll be doing next year. 



Think of a global shield.


Things like indexing, backlinks, etc, etc all get channeled through this interconnected system when setting up.


This combined with the factory products will enable the domination I’ve always strived for.





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