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I’ve not told you all this before but mostly all my graphics I make using the software I’ve linked to below. 


I’m not trying to sell it, I’ve no affiliation to them but this particular product is brilliant. It’s $37US. 


Now here’s a little inside information for YouTube I use, particularly for the thumbnails, but I use this with images a lot 


We are all aware of the standard image metadata. What you might not be aware of is google and YouTube"s ability to read text on images.


While I’m at it they can also read images in images on images on images all with the following added. 


There is a whole world that is still hidden from you all yet...........


If you look at the 4 promotional videos you will see he produced a text box, and pasted some text in there. 


What’s so clever about that you ask. 


Well my friends, how about pages and pages and pages of keywords, locations, geo coordinates, articles etc. 


Each one in its own box, and then you reduce the box to the smallest size AND reduce the opacity to 0.....


Then what if you do it again and again and again, covering the entire thumbnail, but with the thumbnail still perfectly readable and pristine. 


Do you think that would be of some use to you?


Now I’m not going to elaborate but I’ve got A LOT of PDFs out there, and guess what, the visual image contains huge amounts of information. Then of course there is the metadata itself. 


Remember this as this is used in my posts I’m going to be doing on my Anatomy Of A Global YouTube Campaign. 


On another thing, even if you don’t get this, have a look at the site, they have really decent training on graphics in general.


Cheers for now. 


There’s a saying I love, it goes as follows 


“ you don’t know what you don’t know “,


Believe me, you really don’t, maybe we can change just a little bit of that. 





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