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Published on: 14-May 02:04am

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 02:04am

Q: @Alan Smith workers site question - do you keep the Cloudflare domains or do you map them to other purchased domains?


Different projects - thinking about this avenue.







A: @Vince to keep everything simple I just keep the Cloudflare domains.

This Cloudflare project has been where I’ve spent a large portion of my available time.

Using that and my stripped-down google sites in conjunction with YouTube feeder videos and Pastebin pro additions, I’ve changed the way I’ll be ranking sites in the future.

My current Cloudflare workers site network is using a stacked site system in a loop fashion where everything feeds in and out of this network.

600 sites in total. 

I’m now ranking the Cloudflare sites as well, not on purpose but as a by-product of the design.

I’m actually ranking my LBRY blockchain assets as well, which are also connected to this network. Again something I was very surprised about.

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