Video Syncing

Published on: 13-May 11:20pm

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 13-May 11:20pm

Q: How would one synch up videos with the geo-entities?  


in other words, if I had a video for every city (and loaded it as such, could I sync it up with the geo file?









A: There is a way to sync them using shortcodes/tokens.


In the warts campaign, there is an entry with YouTube iFrames. It’s spun and the video is selected using {randomline=yt-videos.txt} which grabs a random video id from the file yt-videos.


Change it to remove the "randomline=" and the video will be selected in sync with {kwp.txt} and {geo.txt}.


So the first entry in kwp.txt might be “Best boot shop”, and the first entry in geo.txt might be “Dallas”. And the first video in yt-videos would be “Dallas boots”. 


You would need to reduce the iFrames in the content to a single iFrame. 

There are 2 now in a spin that adds a video 2 of 3 times. Note: Just make sure there’s only one iframe.

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