Published on: 13-May 11:51pm

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 13-May 11:51pm

Q:  #1. I need to edit the modern business template to change the default images.


Terry, you showed me the line to change but I don't remember what file in the template I need to open to make the change.


Do I need an editor to do this?


2. How do I change this line to show other types of images - like computers   <img src="http://loremflickr.com/900/300?random=1" class="img-responsive">


3. I can"t seem to get random images to display. Here is the line I am adding to the content {imagefolder=images alt=&quot;{kwd.txt}}. 


I have added it 3 times on the page between the articles.


I get the same image 3 times. I do get a different image on different pages.


Maybe I am misunderstanding how this code works



A:  #1. It’s in the template.html file, Look for lorimflicker.

#2. /computer?random=1

#3. You will get the same image per page unless you use different image folders.



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