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Published on: 14-May 12:30am

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 12:30am

Q: I am having trouble with the header image. my image which is a header image, not a background image regardless of size has text all over it.


I just would like my image to work as a header (ideal size?) pls

Looking at the template Html. we see the header image is referenced in two places with a certain type of class


first one in DIV block 

<div class="block yummy bg-layer hero full-vheight padding-top-20 background-cover bottom-center" style="background-image: url('{$ROOTFOLDER}/assets/headerimg.jpg');" id="header17">


the second one is the  following ref


<div id="gmap" class="gmap border-radius-lg" style="height: 500px; background-image: url('{$ROOTFOLDER}/assets/headerimg.jpg'); background-position: center center">


pls, advise how to insert or adjust for a header image. THX


A: There are two places in that template that add the Sitename and page title. Find and change those to whatever you want.



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