Criteria Selection

Published on: 14-May 02:05am

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 02:05am

Q: Welcome back, @Alan Smith.


Are you still active with the MugJam Electricians Project?


What criteria do you use to select what plumbers and electricians, returned by LeadScrape, will be emailed?


Are plumbers more actively renting your service, than electricians?






A: @Rui   I’m still active, I took some time off due to not feeling well.

I’ve seen no real difference in take-up between plumbers or electricians.

My selection criteria are simple.

I email the ones advertising and then go through the GMBs starting from highest ranked in descending order. 

Remember I’ve only been doing 10 or so at a time so I’ve not turned this into a production line. 

I did say before I was not going to pursue this in a major way. It was to prove a concept that you could make money within 24 hours of doing work. 

Remember those packages I sent out as a comparison test to emails. 

Well as usual they worked a treat. 


It was after that I stopped but if I wanted to pursue this I would just send out packages.

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