“Bang For Your Buck”

Published on: 14-May 12:32am

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 12:32am

Q: Hi all, I'm new to this so I would appreciate your input. When you index sites created on TF via a paid indexing service, what is the most effective “bang for your buck” way to do it? 


Do you: 

  1. A) Just index the sitemap, 
  2. B) Only index the following 5 files;



sitemap.xml  sitemap_index.xml and

video_sitemap.xml file or do you?


  1. C) Index all the 1000's of pages created?




A: Never had much luck just trying to index the sitemaps and a few pages and hoping they would then all index because of that. Even using BulkADD Url indexer when that was working. Some people still use this approach though.


So I would index all the pages. I make tightly focused ones so this didn't cost much for me paying for an indexer for all these pages. But if you are building into the 10s of thousands obviously this approach would not be cost-effective.

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