Azure and S3 Bucket Names

Published on: 13-May 11:36pm

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 13-May 11:36pm

Q: Have you tried inputting the {bucketname.txt} token in the image above, when deploying and uploading the campaign to the cloud?

This is where the issue is. Again, it's not a biggie but I would like it to work.





A: It's not for randomizing the bucket names. It"s just a simple txt file in the project campaign folder. So for each run, the txt file is changed to the bucket name.

The reason why I like this token is that it can also be used in Dublin Core, more specifically the "identifier" and "source" field like the following:{bucketname.txt}/index.html




And it can be used in the field I showed in the image above. So editing the text field one time is quicker than editing within TF 3 times.




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