Advance Sharing Option Error For New Accounts

Published on: 14-May 01:58am

Arjay Mendoza

Published on - 14-May 01:58am

Q: Just tried sharing public information off some drives. Been trying for a few days, since I feel like shit I’m blaming myself for having a man look, as my wife would say.

It looks to be only on new accounts.

Anyone else seeing this.

I found a bit of information on it below. I'm using the standard short code for images {imagefolder=images alt={keywords.txt}}. Is it possible to add to this code so that the images are not full size? I'm looking at the video code {<iframe width="{300|325|350|400|450|560}" height="{250|275|300|301|310|315}" src="{randomline=YT-videos.txt} and wondering if the same thing can be done with images. Or does it even matter if my images are large on a page that's being redirected?








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